What a Rain Event!

After last week’s ice and heavy rain, I’m sure y’all were as ready as I was to see some sunshine. I hope to be able to get out this afternoon and get all the limbs picked/cut up and disposed of since I can’t see most of my yard right now & it was too soggy to walk on (I sank almost ankle deep when I tried!) yesterday afternoon. I hope your damage was light.

We pulled our CoCoRaHS station reports for Grayson County yesterday evening. Looks like we received anywhere from 4.92 inches at BSA Camp James Ray to almost 6.98 inches near Luella. Thank to all of you who reported via CoCoRaHS — especially to those of you who melted the ice to prepare your report!! One report said “took over 30 minutes to melt the ice in the gauge this morning after I brought it into the house”.

The only CoCoRaHS station in Bryan County, Oklahoma reported 7.27 inches of rain. Rain reports from Cooke County ranged from 3.59 inches in Muenster to 5.97 inches 4 miles east of Valley View. The rain reports from our friends in eastern Fannin County were even more impressive with 9.74 inches in Ladonia and 10.89 inches in Honey Grove!

Thanks to all ARES members who go the extra mile by reporting CoCoRaHS information on a daily basis!!


Wade Graves, KF5AUD
Grayson County ARES EC

The Last Hurrah

Well if you don’t know by now, it’s old news that like so many things now a days after a couple of weeks is just a distant memory. At our last face to face training I introduced our New ARRL Emergency Coordinator, Wade Graves KF5AUD. Wade will do a fine job, and I hope you will encourage him and give your support as he works to improve our abilities.

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Football Season! Really?

It’s almost fall. Can you feel the crispness in the air? Can you believe the rain we have had in August, or the temperatures we’ve had this week? Hurricane season is here, Harvey is lurking in the Gulf looking for landfall, CERT is graduating another class, and there are already Christmas decorations out in some stores. So that can only mean one thing for ARES: end of year planning is going on. Well, actually it went on Tuesday night.

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