Football Season! Really?

It’s almost fall. Can you feel the crispness in the air? Can you believe the rain we have had in August, or the temperatures we’ve had this week? Hurricane season is here, Harvey is lurking in the Gulf looking for landfall, CERT is graduating another class, and there are already Christmas decorations out in some stores. So that can only mean one thing for ARES: end of year planning is going on. Well, actually it went on Tuesday night.

Our AEC team will host an Intermediate Skills Workshop at the November Face-to-Face training session. Those skills are described a bit more fully in your NTX ARES training task book. Skills form an important feature that helps define each of the training levels. All levels have educational requirements you will also need to meet. Over the next couple of training nets, Mike KF5NPM will offer a review of the training program we are trying to follow, and your attention to those and the sections in the booklet will move you towards that Intermediate level ARES classification. We will also have a net led by Wade KF5AUD discussing the forms ARES uses, and spend some time on the ICS 213 message form. Of course we will also have nets to share info on fall and winter weather spotting and reporting, and other Net operation protocols.

CERT graduation is planned for September 12th at the Grayson County Courthouse. It’s a fun event to support and get to meet the new CERT team and some of the -ahem- older faces. Plan to be in the west parking area by 4:45pm for assignments and briefing.

Way out there planning: we think next year’s SKYWARN spotter training will be in mid-February around Valentine’s Day.

We had a great session and I commend your AEC team for this work; but then after all, they are representative of you, our Grayson County ARES team.

Thanks for the chance to serve with you!



Same Old Story

Well, have you noticed it’s HOT?!? I have to dwell on this a bit because it’s so important we know the issues we face with heat index values pushing 105 in the afternoons. I came home this morning from our Men’s bible study and while watering the garden found a water leak. That was at 7:30. I finished up about 9:45 and the heat index is 98. I’m melted. Lots of water, several breaks and the fortune of having the right extra parts on hand, and now I’m showered and chillin’ in the AC, water leak fixed. But I’m done outside till this evening. Learn the warning signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Watch those around you, and for goodness sakes if you carry little ones or pets in the car be smart and don’t leave them behind. Ok, I’ll get off my soap box.

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‘Tis The Season!

Yes, it is upon us and I hope you are prepared. We have moved from the “busy” storm season of Spring to the time of watching the Gulf. It’s hurricane season, and right on queue there is a low developing in the GOM (Gulf of Mexico- new alphabet abbreviation I learned). Some of the models are sending the leadoff hitter to Texas. Now this won’t happen overnight, the coming to Texas that is, so we get to watch and plan ahead.

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