Same Old Story

Well, have you noticed it’s HOT?!? I have to dwell on this a bit because it’s so important we know the issues we face with heat index values pushing 105 in the afternoons. I came home this morning from our Men’s bible study and while watering the garden found a water leak. That was at 7:30. I finished up about 9:45 and the heat index is 98. I’m melted. Lots of water, several breaks and the fortune of having the right extra parts on hand, and now I’m showered and chillin’ in the AC, water leak fixed. But I’m done outside till this evening. Learn the warning signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Watch those around you, and for goodness sakes if you carry little ones or pets in the car be smart and don’t leave them behind. Ok, I’ll get off my soap box.

Now last night Wade KF5AUD and Moe NT7C gave two very different but very good presentations at our face to face training. Wade discussed the Storm Ready Supporter initiative of the NWS. It’s a cousin to the Storm Ready program some of our Cities and the County have participated in. It’s pointed at raising awareness of preparation and safety when the weather gets too frisky. Moe brought a portable (sort of) repeater and shared how he built it, how it works, and what all the parts are. For many this was their first time to see the components and hear how they work. Considerable time was spent on the cavities and the notch filtering they give to enable the repeater to function. I say it’s sort of portable as the cavities weigh about 70-80 pounds, so it’s not a grab and go item. Frequency is 145.25 with a PL of 67. He has a couple of adjustments to make but it will be operational at his QTH. It has limited range and power to comply with the VHF coordination group’s guidelines. As a tool it will give ARES the ability to add a frequency to an area that might need coverage in a small foot print, and allow normal repeaters for other use.

Enjoy the summer that’s left. Fall will be here before we know it, and Christmas is only 20 some odd weeks away. HO HO HO!



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